PENTHOUSE ENGINEERS (PVT) LTD Is a limited liability company registered in Sri Lanka and is within the prestigious Penthouse group of companies whose origin dates back to 1968, when the lead company of the group Neil Fernando And Company came into existence to pioneer the fiberglass boat industry in Sri Lanka which is doing business with the Middle east, Europe, The Republic Of Maldives, and The continent of Africa.
The Penthouse group now boasts of an annual turnover of over one billion rupees, fixed assets at current costs amounting to over 250 million rupees, and investments and deposits amounting to over 100 million rupees.
The group, through the last quarter century has won the confidence of the international funding institutions such as the World Bank, Asian Development
Bank and the Abu Dhabi Trust Fund works closely with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
As a result of the very high professional standards maintained by the group since its inception, the demand for its services in allied fields became evident and the need for further diversification.
Penthouse Engineers (Pvt) Ltd was born for this need in the fields of mechanical, civil, electrical and structural engineering.